PC Keyboard Short Cuts

PC Laptop keyboard

Keyboard short cuts are crucial for a touch typist but hugely useful too for any PC desktop or laptop user. 

Here’s a list of useful 8 basic shortcuts for Microsoft Windows, Word and Excel.  

Microsoft Windows

Alt + Tab  –  Switch between open applications 
Alt + Esc  –  Switch between applications on the taskbar 
Alt + F4  –  Close current open program 
Ctrl + F4  –  Close window in program 
Shift + Del  –  Delete programs or files permanently 
Windows Key + M  –  Minimize all windows
Windows Key + SHIFT + M  –  Undo the minimize done by Windows Key + M 
Windows Key + L  –  Lock the computer 

Microsoft Word

Ctrl + A  –  Select all contents of the page
Ctrl + B  –  Bold highlighted selection
Ctrl + C  –  Copy selected text
Ctrl + X  –  Cut selected text
Ctrl + N  –  Open new/blank document
Ctrl + P  –  Open the print window
Alt + Shift + D  –  Insert the current date
Ctrl + W  –  Close document 

Microsoft Excel

F2  –  Edit the selected cell 
F5  –  Go to a specific cell 
F7  –  Spell check selected text and/or document 
F11  –  Create chart
Ctrl + Shift + ;  –  Enter the current time 
Ctrl + ;  –  Enter the current date
Alt + Shift + F1  –  Insert new worksheet 
Ctrl + A  –  Select all contents of a worksheet 

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