Versatile Virtual Assistants

Do you:

– run your business remotely and are unsure how to practically recruit support?

– only have need for periodic business support?

– worry about recruiting permanent staff or a series of ever-changing temps?

– need help managing your email inbox or diary?

– run customer events and have little time to follow up?

– spend time on writing social media posts, proofing, data management, research, etc. which would be much better spent on other matters?

– on occasion, just have need for a no-fuss, efficient, experienced extra pair of hands?

The solution to all these issues and many more is to appoint a Virtual Assistant- ad hoc or retained.

A Virtual Assistant does NOT need:

– time and money spent on recruitment

– access to your office

– hand-holding

– company training

– office equipment

– additional costs allocated to pensions, leave or NI

– showing where the coffee machine is….